Pirate Girl

The models of the Pirate Girl and her friends were made for first 3D lenticular book "of the world". The Pirate Girl Kattie was first model and then I made her friends "Old Pirate" "Young Pirate" and "Parrot Pirate".

You can order first 3D Lenticular book now on
www.piratka.com or you can look to others pictures with this "Pirates"
  modeling: Plane poly modeling 3DS Max 8.0, skiined, rigged,
Final Render Stage-1
postproduction: nothing
official site: www.piratka.com | www.piratka.cz

Pirate Girl - Kattie

The Pirate girl was first 3D model for Lenticular book.  She was made in 3DS Max 8.0 and rendering by Cebas Final Render Stage-1 without postproduction

Pirate Girl - Kattie

Others pictures with first model for 3D Lenticular book www.piratka.com

Pirate Girl - Kattie Pirate Girl - Kattie

Young Pirate

Other 3D model for 3D Lenticular book "Pirate Girl" is "Young Pirate". This model is skinned and rigget as all others models for lenticular book for easier setting pose and rendering.

Old Pirate

"Old Pirate" is angry and bad pirate. It is another character from four character for 3D lenticular Book.

Young Pirate Old Pirate

Parrot Pirate

Last from group of the pirates is "Parrot pirate". He is right hand "Old Pirate" character and he is angry and bad too.

Parrot Pirate  


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